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Many people have recognised that buy to let can be an effective way of investing, not only generating income in the form of rent, but you have an asset which should benefit from capital growth.


Lending based on rental income = typically rental income calulation must exceed mortgage interest by 125%

eg. mortgage of £100,000 @ 5% = £5000 annual interest.
£5000 divide by 12 =£416.67
£417.67 multiply by 1.25 = £520.84 This is the minimum amount of rental income you would need.

Contact us for your specific required rental calculation if in doubt.

Fixed, variable and tracker rates available for Buy to Let Mortgages.

Most types of properties can be considered for Buy to Let but there will always be exceptions; - e.g non standard construction.

Interest only or repayment mortgages - your choice.

Full range of mortgage lenders.

Buy to let mortgages are based on primarily on rental income although many lenders will require you to have an earned income. The level of income required varies from lender to lender and can range between £0 and £25000 per annum. The exact criteria are quite complex and we recommend that you contact us to find the right buy to let mortgage for your circumstances.

We have access to mortgages up to 85% loan to value for Buy to Let mortgages.

The Financial Services Authority does not regulate some forms of buy to lets. | Details

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